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Dear Parents, welcome to a brand new month. We also welcome the children to the second half of the term. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much we have learnt and changed within such a short period of time. What an educative and brain-storming week we’ve had. We’ve worked as individuals and as a team to achieve so much remarkable results. It is therefore no surprise that the children have recorded tremendous progress in all curricular/subject areas and are becoming more mature in their reasoning skills. We have also engaged in lots of group conversation and group reading. Our Theme ‘TRANSPORTATION’ has been such an exciting theme for us in Toddler Group 2. We have learnt a whole lot about transportation. We now know the rules of road transportation and can identify some road signs like zebra crossing, traffic light, one-way, stop and U-turn sign. Parents, please when you are driving with them in the car, point out the different road signs you come across. Outdoor learning has been very educative and interactive; it allowed us explore our school environment and we discovered so many things during this time i.e different types of flowers, different types of sounds in the environment (car horn, generator), shapes and colours all around. In Numeracy, we now understand the concept of numbers and their quantities, most of us can rote count numbers 1-50 and write 1-10 perfectly.
We are getting better counting backward from 10-0.

We can also read the alphabets A-Z and identify the phonic sounds s, a, t, i, p, n, c, e with their associating objects. In Montessori activities, we are very familiar with the work shelves and comfortably use the materials such as puzzles, pegging [helping our pencil grip for writing], Dressing frame [zipping, button, buckle], Beading for hand –eye coordination In Grace and Courtesy, the children have improved greatly in the use of the magic words and easily say ‘sorry’ when they hurt their friends. We are also doing well with simple greetings. Please encourage the children to use the magic words all the time (Please, Excuse Me, Sorry, Thank you and pardon me). greetings.


  • Tuesday, March 3rd: We would be visiting a Clothes/Shoes shop to reinforce all we have learnt so far. We would also get to meet tailors, fashion designers, cobblers, seamstress etc. Dress Code: School T-shirt and Jeans.
  • Thursday, March 5th: It’s WORLD BOOK DAY. Please give the children a book to bring. Colour for TG2 that day is ‘BLUE’; please dress them up with a touch of Blue.
  • Numeracy: Identifying symbols o the Nigerian currency.
  • We would also be making tickets for aeroplane or bus journey.
  • We would talk about Easter and revise everything so far.
  • Mother’s day: March 13th

Parents, please assist the children at home to re- in force work done in school. Please do not do their homework for them, allow them do their colouring themselves. Thank you

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