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Dear Parents, welcome to a brand new month. We also welcome the children to the second half of the term. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much we have learnt and changed within such a short period of time.

What an educative and brain-storming week we’ve had. We’ve worked as individuals and as a team to achieve such remarkable results. It is therefore no surprise that we have recorded tremendous progress in all curricular/subject areas and are becoming more mature in our reasoning and problem-solving skills.

We have also engaged in lots of group conversation and group reading. Outdoor learning has been very educative and interactive; it allowed us explore our school environment and we discovered so many things during this time. Working with our theme “The things we wear” has been interesting.

We are proud that we can identify the things we wear on our different parts of our body; heavy and light clothes, different fabrics and textures and also learnt the reason why we wear clothes/shoes (to cover our bodies, to look beautiful, to keep us warm, to protect us from cold and heat, to protect our feet from sharp/dangerous objects). We can also identify people who make the different things we wear (cobbler/shoemakers, tailor, seamstress and milliners). We are also making good progress in our French. Most of us can comfortably identify the things we wear in French. Merci Beaucoup Madame Fatouma. In Numeracy, we are doing well in counting and writing 1-350, adding and subtracting two digits numbers, identifing even, odd and ordinal numbers, interpreting word problems and identification of 3dimensional shapes-sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, cuboid and cube Our colours are not left out, we can now identify the colour peach, navy blue and grey.

In Literacy, we are recording good progress with our sight words, reading, spelling, writing sentences, re-telling stories, filling missing sounds in words and answering simple reading passage questions.


  • Tuesday, March 3rd: We would be visiting a Clothes/Shoes shop to reinforce all we have learnt so far. We would also get to meet tailors, fashion designers, cobblers, seamstress etc. Dress Code: School T-shirt and Jeans.
  • Thursday, March 5th: It’s WORLD BOOK DAY on. Please give the children a book to bring. Colour for PS2 that day is ‘WHITE’; please dress them up with a touch of White.
  • Numeracy: Word problems, Telling the time in half past, interpreting tens and units, writing number names 11-15, counting in 5’s and tens.


Mother’s day March 13th

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