About Tenderville School

F.A.Q's About Tenderville Creche' and Pre-School

Question:When was Tenderville established?

Answer:Tenderville was founded/established April 2012.

Question:What hours do we open?

Answer:7.00a.m – 7.00p.m

Question:What age group do we cater for?

Answer:We cater for children between the ages of three months and 5 years.

Question:What happens in case of an emergency?

Answer:Tenderville has a registered nurse in house. We are also register with Lifeline, a renowned children’s hospital, which is a few streets away from the school.

Question:Are meals provided?

Answer:Fruits, healthy snacks and meals are provided at an additional cost.

Question:Are there adequate stimulating materials?

Answer:Yes, we have enough learning materials to stimulate each child’s Development.

Question:How safe and child friendly is the environment?

Answer:Tenderville is located in a serene and safe environment. We have also ensured that the center itself meets a very high standard of safety.

Question:Who can pick up a child?

Answer:Tenderville provides a child pick-up permit for each child and this is required to be presented before a child is picked up.

Question:How do you keep the infants (less than 12months) occupied?

Answer:The infant's room is adequately furnished with books, toys and a lot of stimulating learning materials. Infants read all through the day. A lot of singing and talking is also done. We help in developing the infants’ communication and language development.

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